Grief Survivor

Grief often comes in waves and grief has no timetable.

Grief is something that one needs to be present for, not escaped from.

I recently wrote in my journal about all the good things I lost, all the good things I missed and I cried.

I needed to acknowledge the pain, the sadness, the heaviness than try avoiding.

Then I needed to let it go….

I honestly have never thought about this up until now, that it’s okay to grieve over the good things that were lost.

I lost a church community when I was kicked off the worship team, I lost community, I felt alone, out of place a lot when I would visit other churches.

Weeping may last the night

But Joy comes in the morning…”

It’s hard to feel that joy when there’s so much around you going on.

So much chaos, so much pain, so much confusion…

God doesn’t cringe at your grief, He is closer than you could ever possibly know or believe.


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