Why I Write Poetry

Hey beautiful people, hope you all are having a good end of the weekend.

So some of you know I write poetry and speak it (Spoken Word Poetry).

Now here’s the reason why I write poetry and speak it…

What you all might not know is that I tried writing poetry for the first time in 5th grade, and of course it was terrible, I tried a few more times with no success

So I did what came naturally and I gave up…

I tell you all that to tell you that in 2017, I went to see one of my favorite poets Chris Bernstorf. During one of his love poems he was performing, I just couldn’t stop smiling and I felt the Lord’s Presence and love in my chest, it was like He was telling me I was gonna write and speak poetry.

And He did just that..

Ever since that day, I’ve been writing/speaking poetry and I love it.

I write poetry because it helps me vent, I try to write real, honest poetry, I write poetry because I believe it can heal hurting people, I write poetry because its a dear friend, its a constant in my life.

I thank God for poetry, I’m grateful for poetry because words have power, and words can shape and mold people, words can heal people and its such a beautiful thing to see.

That’s why I write/speak poetry


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